Cartiera di Ferrara

is specialized in producing core board, greyboard, tubes and cores , ensuring varied, quick and competitive supplies, and being therefore able to meet the different market needs. Nowadays the company, with its modern facilities and production techniques refined over 70 years’ experience, is serving many different industries such as paper, textile, manufacturing, plastic, construction, printing and furniture.

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Cartiera di Ferrara products are customizable in the technical features, as well as in size, to adapt to the most varied final uses.

Tubes and cores

The highly-qualified cores and tubes department offers an extensive choice of products which are customizable based on customers’ needs.

Core board and greyboard

The company has been producing core board and greyboard for other industrial applications since the early forties.

For any information

and to receive assistance in choosing the most suitable product, please do not hesitate to contact Cartiera di Ferrara team.